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Strains of Nothingness

By  Chidambar Navalgund

Artist's statement:  


Through the use of black and white boxes, my photo essay aims to convey the concept of nothingness in its various forms. By stripping away color and the context of the original photographs, I hope to evoke a sense of emptiness that can be interpreted in several ways. The variations in size and placement of each individual rectangle symbolizes the different ways in which nothingness manifests itself. This project is a contemplation on the human condition, and the search for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world.




Chidambar Navalgundfrom Belagavi, India, is a graduate in Criminology. He currently works as a Social Media Manager for multiple chess organisations. His interests include visual and found poetry, collage, and photography. Chidambar's work has appeared in Unlost Journal, Failed Haiku, whiptail: journal of the single-line poem, Under the Basho, Unstamatic Magazine, tinywords, Otoliths, Prune Juiceand elsewhere. His debut chapbook, the sound of healing, was published by Yavanika Press in 2022. He aspires to be a civil servant.

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