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We asked you to give us a wide array of visual poems, and boy did you deliver! Thank you so much to the 57 artists who participated in this year's contest, giving us a grand total of 84 entries. We picked our top three winners and two honourable mentions, along with 20 other pieces to be featured as part of the Vispo Gallery 2023. What was especially interesting this year was the fact that we were able to sequence the slideshow, somewhat loosely, to cover a range of topics, styles, and genres. We hope you enjoy diving into them!



First Place


Chidambar Navalgund



Second Place

David E. Matthews


Third Place

Surashree Joshi


Honourable Mentions 

Dhaatri Vengunad

Alison Jennings



Gallery 2023 


in order of appearance

Michele Rule
Kristen Gledhill
Norma Bradley
Marcia Brauer
Bhawana Rathore
Chidambar Navalgund
Dhaatri Vengunad
Deepa Patil
Lesley-Anne Evans
Alejandra Koreck
Debbie Strange
Shrehya Taneja
Darlene O'Dell
Seth Copeland
David E. Matthews
Marcia Brauer
Julie Schwerin
Deepa Patil
G. Akila


'Buddha' by Chidambar Navalgund
'after Klee, the equivocateur' by David E. Matthews
'cerebral wavelength' by Surashree Joshi
'ancestral trauma' by Dhaatri Vengunad
'Check Enclosed' by Alison Jennings
'Oh Child' by Michele Rule
'Map of the Michigander' by Kristen Gledhill
'girlhood' by Norma Bradley
'Heart Strings' by Marcia Brauer
'dried river' by Bhawana Rathore
'Of People' by Chidambar Navalgund
'comparison' by Dhaatri Vengunad
'Owning My Narrative' by Deepa Patil
'True Story' by Lesley-Anne Evans
'Foreign Letters #1' by Alejandra Koreck
'Treaty 1' by Debbie Strange
'Communication or Confrontation' by Shrehya Taneja
'new year' by Darlene O’Dell
'Living Memory' by Seth Copeland
'Contronymia' by David E. Matthews
'Truth Behind Shadows' by Marcia Brauer
'Repentance' by Julie Schwerin
'glitsky' by Deepa Patil
'moksha' by Raghav Sundar
'waves' by G. Akila


'Neuromeds' by Geethanjali Rajan & Dhaatri Vengunad Menon
'With real swords' by Thomas Terceira & Dave Read
'Reader' by Chidambar Navalgund
'Longing' by Jane Ellen Glasser
'twelfth anniversary' by Raghav Prashant Sundar
'horoscope' by Aishwarya Vedula
'Here I Come' by Nico Vassilakis
'Max Semiotic Irregularity' by David E. Matthews
'Le città #3' by Cinzia Farina
'Jasper Arrow' by Maureen Alsop
'I don't want to be giddy' by Amanda Earl
'Sustenance' by Agnes Eva Savich
'Pausing' by Kati Mohr
'windchimes' by Vidhi Ashar
'Tu Me Manques' by Natalia L Rudychev
'Nautical Depths' by Ustat Sethi
'How Do You Feel When I Kiss You Good Night' by Natalia L Rudychev
'hope' by Chidambar Navalgund


'Visarjan' by Raghav Sundar
'tic-tac-toe' by Geethanjali Rajan and Dhaatri Vengunad Menon
'Plastic Love' by Alisha Ahmad
'Family Secret' by Kelly Nelson
'Tanka for Pollock' by Tchello d'Barros
'Expect Nothing' by Rajeshwari Goswami
'Noetic Map' by Mark Meyer
'Outback Sunrise' by Oormila Vijayakrishnan P
'drawing together' by Julie Bloss Kelsey
'Our First Conversation' by Kelly Nelson
'Of Itself VI' by Penny Smith
Trying to Recreate_ Meredith McGhan
'Mounds of Silence' by Vidhi Ashar
'as for us' by Geoff Pope
'Yatra' by Teji Sethi
'A Patch of Sunlight' by Christine L. Villa
'Retirement' by Engin Gülez
'God' by Chidambar Navalgund
'Endangered 3' by Katy Wimhurst
'Animals' by Meredith McGhan
'a hovering multitude' by Amanda Earl
'White Space' by Rajesh D.
'Anima' by Genaro Barba
'Psalms of the Shoal' by Karla Van Vliet
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