We are extremely grateful to the 55 visual poets and artists who entered their pieces in our First Annual Vispo Contest! GRIX and I had a wonderful time going through all 93 entries and learned so much from the varied and interesting artist statements that accompanied each piece. 

The gallery below features the top three winners, two artists who received an Honourable Mention, and 19 other pieces which showcase the diversity and limitless possibilities of visual poetry as a genre. We also selected four entries to be included in Issue Twenty-One, our anniversary issue that comes out in December. 



Raghav Sundar

Geethanjali Rajan & Dhaatri Vengunad Menon

Alisha Ahmad


Kelly Nelson

Tchello d'Barros


in order of appearance

Rajeshwari Goswami

Mark Meyer

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad 

Julie Bloss Kelsey

Kelly Nelson

Penny Smith

Meredith McGhan

Vidhi Ashar

Geoff Pope

Teji Sethi

Christine L. Villa

Engin Gülez 

Chidambar Navalgund

Katy Wimhurst

Meredith McGhan

Amanda Earl

Rajesh D.

Genaro Barba

Karla Van Vliet 


'Visarjan' by Raghav Sundar
'tic-tac-toe' by Geethanjali Rajan and Dhaatri Vengunad Menon
'Plastic Love' by Alisha Ahmad
'Family Secret' by Kelly Nelson
'Tanka for Pollock' by Tchello d'Barros
'Expect Nothing' by Rajeshwari Goswami
'Noetic Map' by Mark Meyer
'Outback Sunrise' by Oormila Vijayakrishnan P
'drawing together' by Julie Bloss Kelsey
'Our First Conversation' by Kelly Nelson
'Of Itself VI' by Penny Smith
Trying to Recreate_ Meredith McGhan
'Mounds of Silence' by Vidhi Ashar
'as for us' by Geoff Pope
'Yatra' by Teji Sethi
'A Patch of Sunlight' by Christine L. Villa
'Retirement' by Engin Gülez
'God' by Chidambar Navalgund
'Endangered 3' by Katy Wimhurst
'Animals' by Meredith McGhan
'a hovering multitude' by Amanda Earl
'White Space' by Rajesh D.
'Anima' by Genaro Barba
'Psalms of the Shoal' by Karla Van Vliet