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First Annual Senryu Contest (2015)


First Place 


invisible fence

his wife says the dog

will get used to it


Ken Slaughter, USA 



Second Place

now we can talk

of what might have been –


Geethanjali Rajan, India

Third Place

class reunion. . .

as I give a charming smile

my dentures slip out


Gautam Nadkarni, India




Honourable Mentions


penury –

my wallet full

of lucky charms


Radka Mindova, Bulgaria


labeled a liberal

but I'm all right

with that


Terri L. French, USA



Second Annual Senryu Contest (2016)



First Place


pediatric ICU
no red bulbs

on the christmas tree

- Steve Hodge, USA



Second Place


the delicate cycle
of a baby's cry

- Sidney Bending, Canada


Third Place


new city

the familiar accent
of graffiti

- Chase Gagnon, USA



Honourable Mentions


estranged neighbour...

the dogs continue

our friendship


- Mohammad Azim Khan, Pakistan 


hoarder's house

a skeleton
in her closet

- Phyllis Lee, USA






Third Annual Senryu Contest (2017)  


First Place 

Easter morning —

and I can’t even

get out of bed

- Terri L. French, USA

Second Place 

crooked picture —

I dream

of my son’s therapist

- Dawn Apanius, USA

Third Place 

family secrets

a fly chooses

the butter

- Tia Haynes, USA

Honourable Mentions 


hair of the dog —

    I adopt

               one more

- Julie Warther, USA


she says

we need to talk

- Niranjan Navalgund, India 




Senryu of Merit

on the top

of the Great Pyramid

an anthill

- Dan Iulian, Romania



giving in

to all the rage

adult coloring book

- Peter Newton, USA



friends again

entangling the leashes

of our dogs

- Christine L. Villa, USA 


his ninetieth year . . .

Dad tells me for the tenth time

he hates to repeat

- Gautam Nadkarni, India


winter bridesmaids

no one tries to catch

the bouquet

- D.P. Bishop, USA

Fourth Annual Senryu Contest (2018)  



First Place 

just when I smiled

at the trophy

a wild card entry

- Aparna Pathak, India 

Second Place

a church steeple harpoons the moon forced childbirth

- Robin Smith, USA

Third Place

red spider lily

the toddler lets out

a new word

- Marilyn Appl Walker, USA

Honourable Mentions

washed jeans –

his love note

still dirty

- Susan Burch, USA 

skunk cabbage

he says I'm almost as cute

as my sister

- Carol Ann Palomba, USA


Fifth Annual Senryu Contest (2019)



First Place


urBANization THE opPRESSion of fresh asphalt


- Julie Bloss Kelsey, USA



Second Place


stretching my versatility

an em dash


- Aparna Pathak, India 



Third Place


its over
you never
let me fini

- Sanela Pliško, Croatia





Honourable Mentions




my sp   

Engin Gülez, Turkey




mahjong all my infidelities

- Marilyn Ashbaugh,USA  




bear claws believing what I want to believe  


- Christine L. Villa, USA 

Sixth Annual Senryu Contest (2020)

First Place



silence slips

. . . into silence


- Vinay Leo R., India

Second Place

social media even there I wear a mask


- Susan Beth Furst, USA

Third Place

alone at the viewing lilies


- Kat Lehmann, USA

Honourable Mentions

midnight rain

not yet used to



- Pragya Vishnoi, India


of mother’s death

i set two tea cups


- Pamela A. Babusci, USA

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