Reading periods:


February 1 - February 21

October 1 - October 21

What we publish:


  • Poetry

  • Japanese short-forms

  • Prose

  • Visual art


Sonic Boom hopes to mix it up a bit by seeking both solicited and unsolicited submissions. Needless to say, all submissions MUST be original and previously unpublished. Works that have appeared on your personal blogs, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr or flickr accounts are not considered published. For chapbook submissions, visit our imprint Yavanika Press.

You can read our Duotrope interview with the editor here Six Questions For with Jim Harrington, and our interview on poet and blogger Trish Hopkinson's website here




Where to send your work:


Things to Remember: 

  • Please submit only ONCE per reading period. 

  • Submissions sent outside of our reading period will be DELETED UNREAD.

  • Please REFRAIN from simultaneous submissions. 

  • Multiple submissions are welcomed. You can submit to more than one section during a given reading period.

  • All submissions must be accompanied by a 50-word bio in the third person. 







Editors: Shloka Shankar, Robin Smith, & Tuhin Bhowal


We want poems that speak to us at a molecular level, poems which challenge the intellect and draw on emotion at the same time, poems that dialogue with the reader. Give us the ordinary, the grandiose, the hauntingly beautiful, and avoid rhyme unless it’s the lifeblood of your piece. We love sharp, crisp images, engaging metaphors, and unpretentious poetry. We are not fond of poems that deliberately obfuscate. Make us mourn the short-lived love affair as we near the end of your submission packet. Give us your odes to brevity. We are open to publishing experimental poetry, including but not limited to found/remixed pieces. We are unable to accept translations at this time.


Other pointers:


  • Please submit up to 3 poems.

  • We will not publish poems that exceed 25 lines in length (excludes title & line breaks). 

  • Paste ALL poems in the body of the email. 

  • No attachments unless your poem has special formatting. In which case, please submit as both a word document and PDF file.  


Response time: 3 weeks if your work is shortlisted/accepted for publication. We no longer send notices for declined work. 




Editors: Shloka Shankar & Robin Smith


Please submit up to 10 poems in the body of the email. We accept:


  • senryu

  • haiku (all types including poemwords, found, parallel, and concrete haiku)

  • tanka & kyoka

  • sedoka

  • cherita

  • gembun


If you're new to these forms, please read our back issues to get an idea of what we are looking for. We do not merely publish 3 and 5 line poems but look for pieces that are rooted in Japanese aesthetics. And, yes, we appreciate poems that aren’t titled. We DO NOT publish haiku/tanka sequences at the moment. Every year, we nominate poems for The Haiku Foundation's Touchstone Individual Poems Award.


Response time: 3 weeks if your work is shortlisted/accepted for publication. We no longer send notices for declined work.






Editors: Shloka Shankar & Robin Smith


We encourage you to interpret this section in whatever manner pleases you. Send us your flash fiction pieces, creative non-fiction, vignettes, short scenes, hybrid forms, haibun, and tanka prose. We favour pieces that lean toward the prose poem rather than action-centred genre. A strong voice, the willingness to take risks with language, and attention to the odd but beautifully defining details are more likely to find a home. We are open to experimentation, but not at the cost of quality. We also do not care much for sci-fi, speculative fiction, or horror. 


Please submit:


  • Up to 2 pieces (upper word limit - 500 words)

  • Please use Garamond 12 pt. font

  • Double line spacing

  • Please submit each story as a SEPARATE attachment

  • Title your submission as follows: Story Title _ Last Name                                                                                                                              Example: The Grim Reaper _Williams      

Response time: 3 weeks if your work is shortlisted/accepted for publication. We no longer send notices for declined work.





Editors: Shloka Shankar & Robin Smith


Please submit 5 to 15 high-resolution images as .JPEG attachments. In addition, please feel free to provide us with a link to your online gallery/portfolio. 


We accept all styles and schools of art, including, but not limited to:


  • photographs

  • blackout/erasure poems

  • haiga & brushwork

  • asemic writing

  • mixed media & collage 

  • vispos


If you wish to submit photo essays, please let us know and we'll feature you on our website. Browse through our back issues to get a sense of our aesthetic. If your work defies genres, so much the better! And oh, we love COLOUR! Lots of it!


Response time: 3 weeks if your work is shortlisted/accepted for publication. We no longer send notices for declined work.







Sonic Boom retains the right to publish your work as a whole, or pieces thereof, on our website and social media pages. All rights revert to the individual authors upon publication. We ask that you credit Sonic Boom as the place of original publication in case of future reprints.




We are currently a non-paying market. However, we will showcase your work on our social media platforms.



If you have any queries, drop us a mail or send us a message on Facebook.




Thanks for stopping by!