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By  Cinzia Farina

Artist's statement:  


The series Q-12 was born from the suggestion of the Hebrew characters my daughter was studying. I never start from a “message” in my work. That can come perhaps later, almost by itself. I believe in the power of matter—colors, shapes, and texture—to build sense and meaning. We just have to follow it. I love collage because it is a wonderful medium to experiment with and one that can develop a great wealth of suggestions, infinitely moving in multiple directions.


Cinzia Farina has been engaged in the arts since the '70s. She worked as a teacher of art history and was a journalist up until 2014. A mail artist and illustrator, she also enjoys creating visual poetry and working on artist’s books and assemblages. She lives in the Sicilian countryside with her husband. Some of her publication credits include Vitruvius, Ffoom, Aura poesia visual, El Humo, Procedimentum, Nuire, Carie, Frequenze Poetiche, and Utsanga among others.

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