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Spoken, The Eyes Pollinate 

By  Erik Fuhrer

Artist's statement:  


I am predominately interested in language not as a conveyor of meaning but as artifact and assemblage. What is the visual utterance of a singular letter separate from its cage of words? How does the letter as object cohabitate with other non-human concepts and objects such as color, nature, the animal? In what ways do the para-linguistic conversations formed by these juxtapositions open doors to new ways of worldly and fleshy relating?






Erik Fuhrer writes, collages, and sometimes paints. He is the author of four books of poetry, including not human enough for the census (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press) and every time you die (Alien Buddha Press). His books VOS (Yavanika Press) and At Root (ABP) are both books of erasure poetry that include Erik’s collages and digital art.


Twitter: @erikfuhrer

This Collage Is Bugged

This Collage is Bugged 8.5x11 Collage on

This Cross Is Heavier than Your Tongue

This Cross is Heavier than Your Tongue.j

The Jester and a Jug of Laughter

The Jester and a Jug of Laughter 8.5x11

Rotary Phone off the Hook

Rotary Phone off the Hook 8.5x11 collage

Topography of an Electric Current

Topography of An Electric Current 8.5x11

Eye Scan Data Encryption

Eye Scan Data Encryption 8.5x11 collage
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