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Psychic Flags 

By  Fabio Lastrucci

Artist's statement:  


"Psychic flags" is an imaginary gallery of "flags" that differ from the real ones in that they are not symbols of geopolitical identities, but rather the uncertain and unstable manifestations of inner states. Submerged in the background noise of the media stream that surrounds us, our inner worlds live a reality with gaping, changing borders, where the personal unconscious mixes with the videological imagery and all the signals of communication. To underline this aspect, I used as a recurring icon a pair of poorly defined figures, frozen in the same pose, to make them interpreters of different scenarios, indebted to the language of fiction or pop art, doubly macerated and reconstructed in a staging that recalls the alienating and very current atmospheres of J.G. Ballard in The Atrocity Exhibition.




Fabio Lastrucci is a sculptor and illustrator. In the late ‘80s he began to draw comic books and his comics, artworks, and covers have been published in Shenandoah, Perihelion SF, Typehouse, The Tishman Review, and Gone lawn, among others.


Instagram: @fabio.lastrucci

Psychic flag # 000.jpg
Psychic flag # 0.jpg
Psychic flag # 2.jpg
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