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Curators: Shloka Shankar & Robin Smith

The first edition of World Collage Day was a massive success and we are ever so grateful to the 80 artists who sent us their gorgeous, scrumptious pieces. We received a total of 135 collages and the final eBook showcases 30 collages by 27 artists, with cover photo by petro c. k. Thank you so much for trusting us with your work and for joining us in celebrating this fun art form. We were especially blown away by the quality and range of visual pieces that came in, several of which are sure to broaden the scope of collage, both analogue and digital. 

The eBook is ready for download and we hope you enjoy savouring these masterpieces well after World Collage Day celebrations have died down. If you'd like us to make this an annual tradition, please write to us and let us know. Until next time, happy creating! :)


















Alexis Krasilovsky

Anastasia Sibova

Arkhipova Yulia

David E. Matthews

Debbie Strange

Donatella Nardari

Elena V Miller

Elisa de la Roche

Felix Obelix

Irina Tsudikova

Jenny Lloyd

Katerina Mandarik

Katherine Quinn

Kirsten McCory

Lavskaya Katerina

Marianne Paul & Evonny Harker

Mariia Zakhvatova

Naomi Azoulay

Norma Bradley

petro c. k.

Richard Ely

Rina Lukovnikova (RiLu)

Sandrkina Olesia

Suzanne Bailie

Thomas Terceira

Vidya Premkumar

Wendy Mannis Scher

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