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Submission guidelines: 

We welcome photo essay submissions and haiga/tanka art sequences  in a variety of themes. Collaborations are welcome, too!

Where to submit:

1. Please submit a minimum of 5 images and a maximum of 15 for our consideration. In short, the more the better. All work must be original and previously unpublished. We do not consider images that have been exhibited or showcased on social media/personal blogs as published.

2. In the case of haiga sequences, both image and haiku/tanka must be previously unpublished.

3. Include an artist's statement in under 75 words, describing your process, medium, and anything else that is unique to you and your work. 

4. Send us a brief, third-person bio in under 50 words.

5. If you are collaborating with a fellow artist or artists, please make sure to include the bios of all parties.   

6. We aim to publish no more than 2 photo essays/haiga sequences a month. Submissions are open year round. 

7. If your work is accepted, please wait up to 6 months before sending us new work. 


The Color in Pain (Series) by  K. Ryan Gregory

The Nature of Language by Sacha Archer


Amor Malus by  Danielle Wirsansky

Controlled Chaos by Robin Smith

Q - 12 by Cinzia Farina

Spoken, The Eyes Pollinate by Erik Fuhrer

Recollections by Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad

Water's Myth by Shilpa Shanker Narain

Violent Delights and Midsummer Madness by  John McCluskey

Word Pictures by Jean LeBlanc

Found Art (PART I) & PART II by Kati Mohr

the soul paints itself in our machines by Jonathan Rossney

Psychic Flags by Fabio Lastrucci

Asemic Cycle by Beate Conrad

we pursue joyfully our wild need for liberation by Stephan Wagner

The Eight Muses by Debbie Strange

Strains of Nothingness by Chidambar Navalgund

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